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Andrade P., Candela L., Pagano P., Simi M. DILIGENT - Architectural specification - M16. DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D1.1.2, 2006.
The aim of this deliverable is to create a common and global vision of the DILIGENT system integrating the service specification reports produced by the WP1.2-1.6. The document focuses on the communications among the different components designed by the technological integration WPs (i.e. WP1.2, WP1.3, WP1.4, WP1.5, and WP1.6) designer teams. In this direction, it makes a step forward with respect to the release of the D1.1.1 Functional Specification [1], whose goal was to serve as input for the service specification reports. This deliverable concludes the activity of the WP1.1 Test-bed functional and architectural design.
Subject Digital Library
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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