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Tarabella L. Sidirisvox, una stella nel Battistero di Pisa. Internal note, 2006.
A computer analysis on the reverberation characteristics of Pisa Baptistery and the studies about the symmetries of the Monuments of the whole Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa by the american mathematician David Speiser, led to the discovery of a suggestive reference frame used for designing and building the Baptistery: everthing here is based on the golden number, the regular pentagon and, finally, a star. The results of the acoustic research have been used for composing Siderisivox, an electro-acoustic piece of music for baptistery and computer. The Baptistery of Pisa, due to its reverberant characteristics, is here considered as an instrument rather than a place where to execute music.
Subject Geometry
Golden number
H.5.5 Sound and Music Computing
J.5 Arts and Humanities

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