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Iacono M., Baronti P., Romano G. A., Amato G., Chessa S. Monitoring fire-fighters operating in hostile environments with body-area wireless sensor networks. In: Conference on Risk Assessment and Management in the Civil and Industrial Settlements (Pisa, 17-19 October 2006).
We present a prototype application based on body area wireless sensor network exploiting the MaD-WiSe data management system which allows the operation control staff to remotely monitor the status of the firefighters in the field. Each firefighter is equipped with a set of wireless sensors that acquire both physiological data and data related to the microclimate within the coverall. Sensors self organize into a wireless network and cooperate to issue sensed data and alarms to the control staff.
Subject Wireless sensor networks
Firefighters applications
J.7 Computers in other Systems
C.2 Computer.Communication Networks

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