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Maio S., Baldacci S., Nuvolone D., Della Maggiore R., Borbotti M., Angino A., Martini F., Di Pede F., Simoni M., Pistelli F., Carrozzi L., Viegi G. Uso della tecnologia GIS per l'analisi degli effetti sanitari dell'esposizione a lungo termine all'inquinamento atmosferico in un campione di popolazione generale. In: 7th Congresso nazionale della Pneumologia (Firenze, 4-7 Ottobre 2006).
Objective: to assess, in a population sample living in Pisa (Tuscany, Italy), the relation between the temporal change of health status, risk factors, drugs consumption and long-term exposure to atmospheric pollution sources, using GIS (Geographical Information System) technology. Design: we selected a general population sub-sample (those who were medicine users in the 1991-93 survey and a matched randomly selected control group). These subjects, in 2005, participated in a telephone interview about demographic characteristics, respiratory symptoms/diseases, comorbidity, and medicines consumption. People were classified on the basis of the distance of their house from atmospheric pollution sources, using GIS technology. Buffers of 100 metres from the main roads and buffer of 1100 metres from an industrial pollution source were considered. Results: living close to air pollution sources was associated with incidence of respiratory symptoms/diseases. In particular, there were significant associations: with COPD (OR 2.95, IC 95% 1.07-8.17) and with phlegm (OR 5.25, IC 95% 1.47-18.77) in those exposed to industrial and traffic pollution; with COPD (OR 2,10 IC 95% 1.20-3.69) in those exposed only to traffic pollution. Conclusions: this study has allowed to estimate that the chronic exposure (approximately 13 years) to atmospheric pollution is associated to the development of chronic respiratory conditions, such as COPD and phlegm.
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Subject GIS & Health
Air pollution
Exposure assessment
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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