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Agostini S., Barsocchi S., Iacopini A., Masserotti M. V., Porzia C. Sviluppi dell'applicazione delle tecnologie GIS per la ricostruzione del popolamento antico del bacino del Fucino (Abruzzo). In: Conferenza Nazionale ASITA (Federazione delle Associazioni Scientifiche per le Informazioni Territoriali e Ambientali) (Bolzano, 17-17 Novembre 2006). Atti, pp. xx - xx. ASITA, 2006.
In the actual situation the research about the relationship man-environment of the project -a gis for the fucino- obtained the aim to esteem quantitatively the evolution of the geomorphologic since 20.000 years ago till nowdays in the territory under examination; the obtained data, like a shapefile of altimetric quotes, have been elaborated by the extension Geostatistycal analyst of arcgis 9.1 and they furnished a DEM of the Fucino and bordering relieves that shows relevant differences according to the territory we know. On the basys of these new informations they have been reviewed all the known elements about the human diffusion till 15.000 years ago, with an approach directed to the comprehension of the dynamics of utilization of the environment according to the economies of the past. The first results of this work show effectiveness of this kind of approach to the comprehension of the human behaviours in the prehistory, in an human ecology's perspective (Butzer, 1982).
Allo stato attuale la ricerca sul rapporto uomo-ambiente all'interno del progetto
Subject Gis
Physical Sciences and Engineering. Archaeology

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