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Nuvolone D., Baldacci S., della Maggiore R., Fresco R., Maio S., Viegi G. Il ruolo dei GIS nell'epidemiologia ambientale: analisi della relazione tra esposizione a inquinamento da traffico autoveicolare e salute respiratoria della popolazione. In: X Conferenza Nazionale ASITA (Bolzano, 14-17 Novembre 2006). Atti, vol. II pp. 1493 - 1498. ASITA, 2006.
In recent years GIS & Health has emerged as a keyword in several international studies dealing with public health topics. The present study is an example of the application of GIS to analyse the epidemiological data. The study makes use of data collected during a survey performed by the Institute of Clinical Physiology (CNR, Pisa) in Pisa-Cascina area in 1991-93. This epidemiological survey aimed to evaluate the effects of traffic-related air pollution on respiratory health of people living near a major road (Tosco-Romagnola road). GIS technology allowed users to analyse geospatial features of subjects participating to the survey for the assessment of the exposure to pollutants produced by motor vehicles. The study highlighted the presence of a higher risk for some respiratory symptoms and diseases for people living in the strict proximity of the road.
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Subject GIS and Health
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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