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Candela L., Castelli D., Pagano P., Simi M. The digital library information mediator layer. In: Second Italian Research Conference on Digital Library Management Systems. IRCDL 2006 (Padova, 27 gennaio 2006). Atti, pp. 29 - 36. M. Agosti, C. Thanos (eds.). DELOS Network of Excellence on Digital Libraries, 2006.
Digital libraries are complex information systems whose main task is providing their users the information they are looking for. Because of the important role DLs play in our information society, the demand for them is augmented during the last years and is destined to grow up in the future. To favour the future DL development, however, a relevant issue to be carefully dealt with is heterogeneity, as digital library user communities are interested in having a seamless access to the heterogeneous information they use in their daily tasks. This paper focuses on the heterogeneity issues in building digital library by re-using pre-existing information. In particular it discusses the Information Mediator Layer, i.e. a functional layer in the context of a Reference Architecture whose purpose is to lay the foundations of future Digital Library System and guidelines for building them. A set of mediator services dedicated to solve the most common information heterogeneity issues are discussed and their implementations in current systems are presented.
Subject Mediator Services
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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