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Valsecchi G. B., Milani A., Rossi A., Tommei G. The SRT, near-earth objects and space debris. In: Memorie della Societa' Astronomica Italiana - Supplementi, vol. 10 pp. 186 - 191. Societa' Astronomica Italiana, 2006.
The improvements, by means of radar observations, of the accuracy with which the orbits of near Earth asteroids and comets are determined are a key factor in order to be able to exclude future collisions of any of these bodies with the Earth. The SRT, once equipped with a suitable transmitter, can have an important role in this context. Another application of its capabilities is the detection and orbital cataloging of the man-made orbital debris that is in orbit around the Earth.
Subject Near Earth Asteroids
Space Debris
Radar Astronomy
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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