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Nuvolone D., Fresco R., Maio S., Baldacci S., Della Maggiore R., Viegi G. GIS technology for the analyses of the effects of traffic-related air pollution on the respiratory health of a general population sample of central Italy. In: European Respiratory Journal. Abstract, vol. 28 (Supplemento 50) p. 458. Abstracts 16th ERS Annual Congress (Munich, Germany, September 2-6, 2006). ERS, 2006.
Objective: traffic-related air pollution is considered to be a potential risk factor for respiratory health. To examine whether distance from main roads has an effect on the incidence of respiratory symptoms/diseases, an approach based on Geographical Information System (GIS) was applied to the epidemiological survey conducted in Pisa-Cascina area (Tuscany) in 1991-93 (2062 subjects, aged 8-97 years). Methodology: through GIS, subjects living within 800 m of the major road were georeferenced using home address method. Subjects were classified according to the distance of each home from the street. Buffering functionality was used to classify subjects in two classes: exposed (living within 100 m from the street) and controls. Logistic regression analyses were conducted for the whole sample, and separately for males and females . Results: with regard to controls, exposed subjects reported significantly higher risks for: bronchial asthma (OR 1.52, IC 95% 1.06-2.19), wheeze (OR 1.21, IC 95% 0.96-1.53) and attacks of shortness of breath (OR 1.40, IC 95% 0.99-1.97) in the whole sample; dyspnea (OR 1.38, IC 95% 1.01-1.88), attacks of shortness of breath - either current (OR 1.91, IC 95% 1.15-3.17) or previous (OR 2.12, IC 95% 1.08-4.19), bronchial asthma (OR 1.82, IC 95% 1.11-2.98) in females. Conclusions: for the first time in Italy we have shown significant associations among respiratory symptoms / diseases and traffic air pollution through a spatial approach (GIS) in a general population sample.
URL: http://www.ersnet.org
Subject GIS and Health
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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