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Puppin D., Silvestri F. The query-vector document model. In: CIKM 2006 - 15th ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (Arlington, Virginia, USA, November 6-11 2006). Abstract, pp. 880 - 881. ACM, 2006.
Modern Web IR systems have to manage collections of billions of documents. The indexes used to represent them are very large data structures, the form of which can have a big impact on the quality and the speed of IR algorithms. Traditionally, two main ways are used to model the documents available: the bag-of-words model, and the vector-space model. In the query-vector document model, documents are mod- eled with the list of queries they match, along with the rank they get for each. The query-vector representation of a doc- ument is built out of a query-log. A reference search engine is used in the building phase: for every query in the training set, the system stores the first 100 results along with their rank. This creates a matrix, with documents on columns and queries on rows, where each entry is the rank of a doc- ument for a given query.
Subject Document Partitioning
Collection Selection
Document Modelply PCAP
H.3.1 Content Analysis and Indexing

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