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Dondossola G., Deconinck G., Di Giandomenico F., Donatelli S., Kaaniche M., Verissimo P. Critical utility infrastructural resilience. In: crtes06 - Workshop on Research Directions for Security and Networking in Critical Real-Time and Embedded Systems - CRTES 2006 (San Jose, California, USA, 4 April 2006). Abstract, article n. 5. crtes06, 2006.
The problem of security and dependability, or generically speaking, resilience [1] of Internet-oriented infrastructure systems, such as web server compounds, is reasonably well understood. Although it is not completely mastered (for example, denial of service is still a research subject), it is receiving adequate attention. However, such is not the case with the problem of resilience of critical utility infrastructures. This problem is not completely understood, mainly due to the hybrid composition of these infrastructures. The process control of utility infrastructures is based on the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems which yield the operational ability to acquire data, supervise and control whatever is the business in question (electricity, water, gas, telecomm). However, they also have interconnections to the standard corporate intranets, and hence indirectly to the Internet (e.g., remote access via dedicated or public networks). The aforementioned SCADA systems were classically not designed to be widely distributed and remotely accessed, let alone be open. They grew-up standalone, closed, not having security in mind. Widely distributed monitoring, protection and control systems, implementing special protection scheme over the power transmission network, are emerging whose architecture is based on open communication infrastructures. This opening that we observe nowadays is an afterthought in the line of the generic trend of any informatics system. Whilst it seems non-controversial that such a status quo brings a certain level of threat, namely but not only through interference, we know of no work that has tried to equate the problem by defining a model of
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Subject Critical infrastructures

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