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Nanni M., Rigotti C. Quantitative episode trees. In: Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Inductive Databases. KDID'06 (Berlin, Germany, 18 settembre 2006).
Among the family of the local patterns, episodes are com- monly used when mining a single or multiple sequences of discrete events. An episode re°ects a qualitative relation is-followed-by over event types, and the reŻnement of episodes to incorporate quantitative temporal in- formation is still an on going research, with many application opportu- nities. In this paper, focusing on serial episodes, we design such a reŻne- ment called quantitative episodes and give a corresponding extraction algorithm. The three most salient features of these quantitative episodes are: (1) their ability to characterize main groups of homogeneous behav- iors among the occurrences, according to the duration of the is-followed- by steps, and providing quantitative bounds of these durations organized in a tree structure; (2) the possibility to extract them in a complete way; and (3) to perform such extractions at the cost of a limited overhead with respect to the extraction of standard episodes.
Subject Sequential patterns
I.5.2 Design Methodology

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