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Console E., Burdin V., Cazuguel G., Legnaioli S., Palleschi V., Tassone R., Tonazzini A. Virtual restoring by multispectral imaging. In: International Conference Museums, libraries and archives online: MICHAEL service and other international initiatives (Roma, 4-5 December 2006).
Isyreadet (Integrated System for Recovering and Archiving Degraded Texts) is a research project funded by the EU and aimed at realising a system for the virtual restoring of damaged historical documents using innovative methods and tools, such as multispectral cameras and image processing algorithms. During the period 2003-2004 the Consortium, formed by 5 SMEs and 3 RTD Performers has successfully carried out a series of activities related to the analysis of different kind of possible damages, the digitisation of documents using a multispectral camera, the selection and application of the suitable algorithms for the virtual restoration, the implementation of the user-friendly graphic interface.
URL: http://www.minervaeurope.org/events/michael/poster06120405/TEA-virtual.jpg
Subject Document image analysis
I.4.4 Restoration

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