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Albano M., Chessa S., Nidito F., Susanna P. Geographic hash tables with QoS in non uniform sensor networks. In: ACM Mobihoc. Poster session. (Firenze, Italy, 26 May 2006).
Storage of sensed data in wireless sensor networks is essential in those cases where the sink node is unavailable due to failure and/or disconnections, but it can also provide efficient access to sensed data to multiple sinks. Recent approaches to data storage rely on geographic hash tables for efficient data storage and retrieval. These approaches however fail to provide a given QoS in the storage redundancy (and thus in data dependability), and they result in a great storage unbalance, even if the sensors are uniformly distributed. In this paper, we propose a new approach which can provide a given QoS in the data dependability, and which features a better load balance even with non uniform distribution of the sensors.
Subject Wireless sensor networks
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks
C.2.4 Distributed Systems

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