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Penichet V. M., PaternÚ F., Gallud J. A., Lozano M. D. Collaborative social structures and task modelling integration. In: DSV-IS 2006 (Dublin, July 2006). Proceedings, pp. 180 - 188. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4323). Springer Verlag, 2006.
Interdisciplinary work groups have proved to be one of the best practices (in terms of efficiency) in modern organizations. Large applications have many different users who can play different roles with responsibilities and rights depending on such roles. There are so many roles, groups, relationships among them, tasks, and collaborations, that it is very difficult to develop an application without gathering all this information in a proper way. This paper describes a modelling approach supported by a graphical notation, which makes the representation of such information easier to analyse and manage. The goal is to provide a complete and integrated approach to model collaborative interactive systems.
Subject Task modelling
H.5 Information Interfaces and Presentation

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