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Di Giandomenico F., Chiaradonna S., Galliano E., Mura I. Model-based dimensioning of CAUTION++. In: 15th IST Mobile and Wireless Summit (Myconos, Greece, 4-8 June 2006). Proceedings, ICCS-NTUA, 2006.
Real-time adaptive management of wireless networks radio resources is a challenge that has been tackled by various EU funded projects, and that has led to the prototypal implementation of several network management systems. Dimensioning of such network management systems, which must be able to quickly react to varying traffic load conditions in the different segments of the controlled network, is of vital importance to ensure smooth transitions from normal operations states to congested ones, while achieving the best utilization of radio resources. To this purpose, a performance modeling approach is followed and is applied to a recently developed control infrastructure system for heterogeneous mobile networks. Specifically, a model that reproduces the internal processing and the communications among system components is built. The model is triggered by an increasing rate of service requests, to identify which system configurations are capable to satisfy the incoming flow of requests while respecting the time constraints of system operation.
Subject Heterogeneous mobile networks

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