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Barsotti F., Caruso A., Chessa S. The localized vehicular multicast middleware : a framework for ad hoc inter-vehicles multicast communications. In: WSEAS International Conference on Communications (Athens, Greece, 10-15 July 2006). Proceedings, pp. 130 - 136. WSEAS, 2006.
This paper defines a novel semantic for multicast in vehicular ad hoc networks (VANETs) and it defines a middleware, the Localized Vehicular Multicast Middleware (LVMM) that enables minimum cost, source-based multicast communications in VANETs. The middleware provides support to find vehicles suitable to sustain multicast communications, to maintain multicast groups, and to execute a multicast routing protocol, the Vehicular Multicast Routing Protocol (VMRP), that delivers messages of multicast applications to all the recipients utilizing a loop-free, minimum cost path from each source to all the recipients. LVMM does not require a vehicle to know all other members: only knowledge of directly reachable nodes is required to perform the source-based rout
Subject Veicular networks
C.2 Computer-Communication Networks
C.2.4 Distributed Systems

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