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Bucchiarone A., Gnesi S. A survey on services composition languages and models. In: International Workshop on Web Services Modeling and Testing (WSMaTe '06) (Palermo, June 9 2006). Proceedings, pp. 37 - 49. publisher information no available, 2006.
Composition of services has received much interest to support business-to-business (B2B) or enterprise applications integration. On one side, the business world has developed a number of XML-based standards to formalize the specification of Web services, their composition and execution. On the other side, the Semantic Web community focuses on reasoning about web resources by explicitly declaring theirpreconditions and effects with terms precisely defined in ontologies. So far, both approaches have been developed rather independently from each other. In this paper the major languages, namely BPEL4WS, BPML, WSCI, WS-CDL and DAML-S, are compared with reference to the requirements identified and finally the trend of Services composition is discussed.
Subject Service-Oriented computing
Web Services Composition
Semantic Web
D.3.2 Language Classifications

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