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Coppola M., Pesciullesi P., Presti L., Ravazzolo R., Vanneschi M. A parallel data management layer for data mining. In: Parco 2005 - Parallel Computing: Current & Future Issues of High-End Computing. Parallel Computing 2005 (Malaga, Spain, 13-16/09 2005). Proceedings, pp. 531 - 538. G.R. Joubert, W.E. Nagel, F.J. Peters, O. Plata, P. Tirado, E. Zapata (eds.). John von Neumann Institute for Computing, 2006.
We propose the design of a data management abstraction level to implement a full set of parallel KDD applications with minimal performance overhead and greater scalability than conventional DBMS, providing a high-level parallel API to be exploited by parallel and out-of-core data mining algorithms. We describe an existing prototype and report examples and first test results with mining algorithms.
URL: http://www.fz-juelich.de/nic-series/volume33/531.pdf
Subject Data management
Parallel I/O
Parallel data mining
Knowledge Discovery in Databases
High level parallel programming
C.1.4 Parallel Architectures
B.4.3 Interconnections (Subsystems). Parallel I/O
D.3.3 Language Constructs and Features
H.2.2 Physical Design
H.2.3 Languages
H.2.4 Systems. Parallel databases

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