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Righi M., Starita A., Barcaro U., Erimakis S., Micheloyannis S. A method for detection of transient events in EEG signals. In: Biopattern Brain Workshop (Göteborg, 18-19 maggio 2006). Proceedings, pp. 15 - 16. Neoventor Medicinsk, 2006.
A method is described for the detection of EEG transient events that are characterized by transient decrease in the correlation between homologous frequency-band components of different traces. It consists of the following steps: computation of frequency-band components; computation of normalized correlation; application of two thresholds (one for the recognition of an event, and the other for the measure of the event time-length). The method also provides a classification of the detected events. The results can be subjected to statistical analyses. An application is described to seizure-free EEGs of epileptic subjects.
Subject EEG automatic analysis
J.4 Social and Behavioral Sciences

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