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Di Salvo V. G., Bertini G. An identification system of monophonic musical tones. In: 14th International Conference EUSIPCO 2006 (Florence, Italy, 4-8 September 2006). Proceedings, EURASIP, 2006.
The present paper describes the problem of defining a sys-tem recognizing musical tones in the context of automatic identification systems. This study had arisen from the de-mand to have a tool to detect a musical tone among avail-able alternatives of a library of previously recorded musical tones produced by instruments of the same class. This work is based on a comparison criterion to measure the distance between the features of the actual tone and the reference database ones. The algorithm is realized in two distinct steps. At first, digi-tal processing techniques are used with the purpose to ob-tain a features pattern vectors from the waveforms. This resulting patterns are, subsequently, elaborated using the Least Squares Optimal Filtering. The algorithm is relatively simple and may be implemented efficiently with low latency on DSP processors.
Subject Pitch detection
H 5.1 Multimedia Information Systems

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