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Puppin D., Silvestri F., Laforenza D., Orlando S. A search architecture for grid software components. 2006 ed. Getov Vladimir, Laforenza Domenico, Reinefeld Alexander (eds.). USA: Springer, 2006.
Today, the development of Grid applications is a very difficult task, due to the lack of Grid programming environments, standards, off-the-shelf software components, and so on. Nonetheless, we can observe an emerging trend: more and more services are available asWeb Services, and can be linked to form an application. This is why we envision a market where developers can pick up the software components they need for their application. A natural process of evolution in this market will reward components that are faster, cheaper, more reliable or simply more popular. In this work, we present our vision of GRIDLE, a search engine for software components. It will rank components on the basis of their popularity, their cost and performance, and other users' preferences. We built a prototype of GRIDLE, which works on Java classes. It is able to give them a rank based on the social structure of Java classes.
URL: http://www.springer.com/east/home/generic/search/results?SGWID=5-40109-22-77146844-0&SHORTCUT=www.springer.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,5-40109-22-77146844-0,00.html
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