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Tzitzikas Y., Meghini C., Spyratos N. A unified interaction scheme for information sources. In: Journal of Intelligent Information Systems, vol. 26 (1) pp. 75 - 93. Springer, 2006.
Commonly, for retrieving the desired information from an information source (knowledge base or information base), the user has to use the query language that is provided by the system. This is a big barrier for many ordinary users and the resulting interaction style is rather inflexible. In this paper we give the theoretical foundations of an interaction scheme that allows users to retrieve the objects of interest without having to be familiar with the conceptual schema of the source or with the supported query language. Specifically, we describe an interaction manager that provides a quite flexible interaction scheme by unifying several well-known interaction schemes. Furthermore, we show how this scheme can be applied to taxonomy-based sources by providing all needed algorithms and reporting their computational complexity.
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H.1 Models and Principles

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