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Bonchi F., Lucchese C. On condensed representations of constrained frequent patterns. In: Knowledge and Information Systems, vol. 9 (2) pp. 180 - 201. Springer London, 2006.
Constrained frequent patterns and closed frequent patterns are two paradigms aimed at reducing the set of extracted patterns to a smaller, more interesting, subset. Although a lot of work has been done with both these paradigms, there is still confusion around the mining problem obtained by joining closed and constrained frequent patterns in a unique framework. In this paper we shed light on this problem by providing a formal definition and a thorough characterization. We also study computational issues and show how to combine the most recent results in both paradigms, providing a very efficient algorithm which exploits the two requirements (satisfying constraints and being closed) together at mining time in order to reduce the computation as much as possible.
Subject Frequent Itemsets Mining
Closed Frequent Itemsets
Condensed Representations
H.2.8 Database Applications

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