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Straccia U. Answering Vague Queries in Fuzzy DL-Lite^-. The document other:, Technical report, 2005.
emph{Fuzzy Description Logics} (fuzzy DLs) have been proposed as a mean to describe structured knowledge with vague concepts. Unlike classical DLs, were an answer to a query is a set of tuples that satisfy a query, in fuzzy DLs an answer is a set of tuples ranked according to the degree they satisfy the query. In this paper, we consider fdlliteminus. We show how to compute efficiently the top-$k$ answers of a complex query (ie~conjunctive queries) over a huge set of instances.
Subject Fuzzy Description Logics
top-k query answering
F.4.1: Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages: Mathematical Logic:
I.2.3: Artificial Intelligence: Deduction and Theorem Proving:

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