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Loyer Y., Straccia U. Approximate Well-founded Semantics, Query Answering and Generalized Normal Logic Programs over Lattices. The document has been submitted to Journal: Annals of Mathematics and Artificial Intelligence, Technical report, 2005.
The management of imprecise information in logic programs becomes to be important whenever the real world information to be represented is of imperfect nature and the classical crisp true, false approximation is not adequate. In this work, we consider generalized normal logic programs over complete lattices, where computable truth combination functions may appear in the rule bodies to manipulate truth values. It is an unifying umbrella for existing approaches for many-valued normal logic programs. We will provide declarative and fixed-point semantics of the logic and provide a simple and effective top-down query answering procedure by a transformation to an equational system over lattices.
Subject Logic programming
nonmonotonic logic
many-valued logic
I.2.3.Artificial Intelligence.Deduction and Theorem Proving.Logic

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