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Ong F., Liang X., Chan P., Koltsidas G., Pavlidou F., Celandroni N., Ferro E., Gotta A., Cruickshank H., Iyengar S., Fairhurst G., Mancuso V. Fusion of Digital Television, Broadband Internet and Mobile Communications: Future Service Scenarios. Technical report, 2005.
This is the second part of the tutorial paper following the previous tutorial paper describing enabling technologies in digital video broadcasting (DVB) system. This part focuses on the current and future operational scenarios for DVB-S system. Scenario based review of current state-of-the-art technologies consisting of integration of broadband Internet and mobile communication and integration of broadband Internet and DVB are given. The future operational scenarios emphasises the fusion of DVB systems with various access technologies, terminal, services and network. It also takes into consideration mobility management (MM) and standard quality of service (QoS) mechanisms issues, such as integrated services (IntServ) and differentiated services (DiffServ). Several research directions for providing seamless services regardless of network, access technology, and terminal in the fusion network are also highlighted in this paper.
Subject DVB standards
Mobility Management

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