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Di Bono M. G., Salvetti O. MUSCLE - Guidelines on standards for representation and exchange of data, meta-data and semantics. Project report /, 2005.
In the context of the european project MUSCLE ( Multimedia Understanding through Semantics, Computation and Learning)a review of metadata standards and tools useful to represent multimedia (MM) content is presented in this document in order to point out their context and motivation and their specific characteristics fitting the NoE (Network of Excellence) MM data representation needs and provide guidelines and a rich reference list to use them. In the light of the existing state of the art, inside and outside the NoE, it will be pointed out how the interoperability needs of the NoE can be covered by some of these standards. In particular, two possible crossable ways will be identified and highlighted. From one hand, the possibility to identify and adopt only a specific standard able to represent all the opportune information type will be considered. From the other hand, in line with other current initiatives, we could think to the definition of a larger and more comprehensive representation model, which can be obtained through the integration of different metadata standards forming an upper-level ontology and, at the same time, able to grant interoperability across the networks through the definition of specific semantic mapping procedures.
Subject Multimedia Content Representation
H. Information Systems
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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