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Di Giandomenico F., Lollini P., Chiaradonna S., Moreno O., Papaoulakis N., Elefsiniotis G., Hourdakis M., Trakos A., Kaldanis V., Gkroustiotis E., Kyriazakos S. A., Nikitopoulos D., Nousiainen S., Kordybach K., Hautio J., Kemppi P., Mura I., Galliano E., Syrenius J. M., Casadevall F., Adelantado F., Umbert A., Limani D. CAUTION++ - Trial results and analysis. Capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of wireless telecommunication systems of next generation ++. Deliverable D-5.2, 2005.
This document describes in detail all the activities related to the demonstration phase of the CAUTION++ project. The aim of this phase is to check that the developed testbed addresses the requirements and desired functionalities, to test the performance of the CAUTION++ platform in a range of situations as wide as possible, and, in term, to prove the feasibility of the use of the CAUTION++ system in real situations. In the context of this demonstration phase of the project, three trials and three simulations will take place. These six activities cover the whole span of target technologies (GSM, GPRS, UMTS and WLAN), and intended objectives, avoiding where possible any overlapping, and aiming to obtain complementary results. All six demonstrations are fully described in this document, depicting each one of the scenarios designed to cover a specific scope, and highlighting the most fruitful results that prove all the concepts explored in the project.
Subject Trials
Network Monitoring
C.2.3 Network Operations
D.4.8 Performance

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