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Di Giandomenico F., Ciompi P., Clarkson A., Velentzas S., Kyriazakos S. A., Kechagias C., Nousiainen S., Vlahodimitropoulos K., Mura I., Moreno O., Franco I., Pirinen J., Talvitie I., Tselikas N., Casadevall F. CAUTION++ - Final exploitation plans. Capacity and network management platform for increased utilization of wireless telecommunication systems of next generation ++. Deliverable D-6.2, 2005.
This is CAUTION++ "Final Exploitation Plans" D-6.2 deliverable, identifying the exploitation strategies, dissemination activities, analysing relevant market segments, comparing similar products and concepts, in terms of trends and technology availability for 2+, 3G and WLAN. The principal objective of this deliverable is to describe and identify main CAUTION++ dissemination and exploitation activities, set up the scene as well as prepare for potential CAUTION++ commercial exploitation, addressing both market and business requirements. Although technically the CAUTION++ concept is unambiguously defined in the relevant technical specification, implementation and evaluation reports, within this report's perspective emphasis will be given on the product aspects. The information is provided at a non-detailed level, since CAUTION++ project is still an R&D project rather than a commercially product development activity.
Subject Dissemination
C.2.1 Network Architecture and Design

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