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Albacar J., Bocci D., Bori R., Chatzis S., Cirillo G., Furfari F., Halkos D., Jähnert J., Kyriazis D., Laria G., Litke A., Martrat J., Mediavilla I. A., Mueller I., Negro G., Rovezzi A., Serrano M., Skoutas D., Terracina A., Toro Escudero M. A., Verdino F. AKOGRIMO - Architecture of the GRID Infrastructure Services Layer. Access to knowledge through the grid in a mobile world. Deliverable D4.3.1, 2005.
This document describes the architecture that will be adopted within the WP4.3 Grid Infrastructure Services Layer of the Akogrimo project. It has a relation to the overall architecture already presented in Deliverable D3.1.1 but its aim is to provide a more detailed view of the architecture of the Grid infrastructure itself. The document gives an overview of the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) which is the basis upon which the architecture is built. In the sequel it presents the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) and some implementations that are met in the current trends of the appropriate players/stakeholders. The document includes an overview of the requirements that need to be met by an OGSA based Grid in the project and shows in a layered approach the positioning of the WP4.3 components within the Akogrimo overall architecture. The components that have been identified as building blocks of the WP4.3 architecture are the Execution Management Services component, Data Management, Monitoring component, Service Level Agreement Enforcement, Policy Manager, Metering component and the Security framework that will be applied. The discussion on the modules concerns the technologies that are applied as well as the interfaces they use to interact with each other. Finally, the Annex presents several cases and examples in order to clarify the functionality and the interactions of these modules.
Subject Grid Computing
Service Orchestration
C.2.4 Distributed Systems

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