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Scopigno R. ViHAP3D - Final report. Virtual Heritage: High-Quality 3D Acquisition and Presentation. Deliverable D1.6, 2005.
Nearly all of our cultural heritage is inherently three-dimensional. Recent hard- and software developments enabled 3D computer graphics to be one of the most powerful means to represent complex data sets. The ViHAP3D project (ViHAP3D is an acronym for Virtual Heritage - High Quality 3D Acquisition and Presentation) aimed therefore at preserving, presenting, accessing, and promoting cultural heritage using interactive, high-quality 3D graphics. The vision of the project was to create an exact digital copy of cultural heritage artifacts that can be examined by experts and laymen in various application scenarios using the full range of currently available virtual reality technology. The project objectives were to ...
Subject 3D graphics
3D scanning
Cultural Heritage
I.3 Computer Graphics
I.3.3 Picture/Image Generation

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