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Avancini H., Candela L., Fabriani P., Pagano P., Roccetti P., Simi M. DILIGENT - DL Creation management services specification report - M11. DIgital Library Infrastructure on Grid ENabled Technology. Deliverable D1.2.2, 2005.
This report presents the result of the activity conducted in the various design tasks (T1.2.1.a Information Service design, T1.2.2.a Broker & Matchmaker Service design, T1.2.3.a Keeper Service design, T1.2.4.a Dynamic VO Support Service design, and T1.2.5.a VDL Generator Service design) of the WP1.2 DL Creation & Management of the DILIGENT project during the period February 1st - August 31st 2005. It completes the service specification activity of the DILIGENT Collective Layer and replaces the interim service specification presented with the D1.2.1 DL Creation & Management Services Specification interim report. The D1.2.2 DL Creation & Management services specification report, by relying on the functions and features of the DILIGENT system, as reported in D1.1.1 Test-bed functional specification [1], i) identifies the functionalities related with the services forming this functional area, ii) specifies the functionalities offered by each service, and iii) presents the service specification in order to capture and convey on the most significant architectural decisions that have been made by the services.
Subject Digital Library
H.3.7 Digital Libraries

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