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Genovesi S., Salerno E. GALIS: A Genetic Algorithm for Inverse Scattering. Internal note, 2005.
This technical note is devoted to a new genetic algorithm developed in order to solve electromagnetic problems concerning the inverse scattering for one-dimensional permittivity range profile reconstruction. In the introduction, we shortly present the inverse scattering problem, the different approaches commonly adopted to face its mathematical intrinsic ill-posedness and our model for the interaction between plane waves and inhomogeneous media. Then, in the second part, we address the main properties and theoretical aspects of genetic algorithms and the operators involved in the evolutionary process. Finally, in the last section, we focus our attention on describing in detail the implementation in Fortran code of the mentioned operators and entities, the particular genetic strategies used and the results obtained.
Subject Microwave tomography
Range profile reconstruction
Edge-preserving regularization
Genetic algorithms
G.1.6 Optimization
J.2 Physical Sciences and Engineering

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