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Straccia U., Troncy R. oMAP: an implemented framework for automatically aligning OWL ontologies. In: Proceedings of the 2nd Italian Semantic Web Workshop: Semantic Web Applications and Perspectives (SWAP 2005) (Trento, December 2005).
This paper introduces emph{oMAP}, a method and a tool for automatically aligning OWL ontologies, a crucial step for achieving the interoperability of heterogeneous systems in the Semantic Web. Different components are combined for finding suitable mapping candidates (together with their weights), and the set of rules with maximum matching probability is selected. Terminological, machine learning-based classifiers and a new classifier using the structure and the semantics of the OWL ontologies are proposed. Our method has been implemented and evaluated on an independent test set provided by the ontology alignment evaluation initiative (OAEI). We provide the results of this evaluation for the various contests with respect to the other competitors.
Subject Online Information Services. Data sharing
H.3.5. Online Information Services. Data sharing

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