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Della Maggiore R., Nuvolone D. La salute e la sicurezza nel settore ippico: risultati di uno studio svolto nel territorio pisano. - La mappatura con il sistema GIS applicata allo studio del settore. In: La salute e la sicurezza nel settore ippico: risultati di uno studio (Pisa, 12 Aprile 2005). Atti, pp. 38 - 48. Cinzia Di Pede. 2005.
In this work we used GIS technology as a support for the evaluation of health risks associated with working in the horse-racing field. Through GIS we produced many maps representing the distribution of equestrian enterprises over land, their general characteristics and quality/safety indicators. Using overlay functions of GIS we obtained correlation maps to visualize relationships between the different indicators. We considered: type of the horse activity performed, accidents reported by workers, general status of structures (general evaluation index), number of horses respect to total dimension (crowding index), number of horses respect to number of workers (horses/workers index). Correlation maps showed a strong correlation between: activity and crowding index, activity and general evaluation index, activity and horses/workers index. Using a geographical information system (GIS) a multilayer analysis allowed spatial phenomena to be highlighted. Maps give a qualitative evaluation of data respect to classical statistical output (tables, graphics) and they allow data to be simply and directly interpreted.
Subject GIS
Occupational Health
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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