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Maio S., Baldacci S., Della Maggiore R., Nuvolone D., Martini F., Borbotti M., Angino A., Viegi G. Applicazione della tecnologia GIS ai dati epidemiologici di un campione di popolazione generale residente a Pisa. In: Convegno Annuale dell'Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia (Pisa, 7-9 Settembre 2005). Atti, pp. 497 - 498. Associazione Italiana di Epidemiologia, 2005.
The present work focuses on the spatial analysis of the association between human respiratory health and road traffic-related air pollution. We studied a general population sample living in Pisa. Two different spatial approaches are applied using GIS functionality. The first one deals with the use of distance of subjects' residences from main roads as a proxy for exposure. We used a 50m distance class for urban streets and 150m distance class for extra-urban streets. In the second model population is classified according to the houses' location: along a very busy street or near an industrial area. Statistical analyses (chi square test and multiple logistic regression model) were performed. Results showed a significant association between living near busy roads and manifesting phlegm in females. In the second spatial model living near the Tosco-Romagnola road is associated to BPCO and bronchial obstruction in both sexes. Then living near the industrial area is statistically related to cough and eye-redness.
URL: http://www.epidemiologia.it/notiziario/PISA05_AIE.pdf
Subject GIS and Health
Traffic-related Pollution
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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