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Borgo R., Dellepiane M., Cignoni P., Papaleo L., Spagnuolo M. Extracting meta-information from 3-dimensional shapes with protégé. In: 8th International Prot'eg'e Conference Proceedings (Madrid, July 18- 21 2005).
Connection between material objects and human perceptions conveys a varied amount of information by means not only of pure registrable data but also concepts with a formalizable objective meaning. Thanks to the advancing of current technology acquisition and registration of such data is become a daily routine. An incredible amount of tool exists as support to the visualization of phenomena in terms of their appearance and attributes, not an equally wide range of tool is available to interact with the semantic information conveyed by such phenomena. To address this issue we developed a tool called TriMeshInfo that aims at supporting the process of switching between the three basic levels of shape-knowledge representation: geometric, structural and semantic.
URL: http://vcg.isti.cnr.it/Publications/2005/BDCPS05
Subject Shape-knowledge representation
Current technology acquisition
Tools as support to the visualization
E.2 Data Storage Representations

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