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Tonellotto N., Wieder P., Yahyapour R. A proposal for a generic grid scheduling architecture. In: CoreGrid Integration Workshop (Pisa, 28-30 November 2005).
In the past years, many Grids have been deployed and became commodity systems in production environments. While several Grid scheduling systems have already been implemented, they still provide only ``ad hoc'' and domain-specific solutions to the problem of scheduling resources in a Grid. However, no common and generic Grid scheduling system has emerged yet. In this work we identify generic features of three common Grid scheduling scenarios, and we introduce a single entity that we call scheduling instance that can be used as a building block for the scheduling solutions presented. We identify the behavior that a scheduling instance must exhibit in order to be composed with other instances to build Grid scheduling systems discussed, and their interactions with other Grid functionalities. This work can be used as a foundation for designing common Grid scheduling infrastructures.
Subject Concurrent Programming
D.1.3 Concurrent Programming

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