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Ter Haar F., Cignoni P., Min P., Veltkamp R. A comparison of systems and tools for 3D scanning. In: 3D Digital Imaging and Modeling: Applications of Heritage, Industry, Medicine and Land, Workshop Italy-Canada (Padova (IT), 17-18 May 2005).
Many 3D scanning systems and software tools are currently available, but a comparative study of their actual precision and robustness still lacks. To this end, this paper presents a comparison of such systems, taking into consideration three alignment tools and two merging tools for the management of scanned data. The comparison will be based on the scanning and reconstruction of two relatively complex artistic sculptures and a number of 'ground truth' objects. The quality of the reconstructed 3D models is evaluated using both qualitative and quantitative measures. Quantitative evaluation is performed using Metro, a tool for computing differences between 3D meshes.
Subject Range scanning
Range scan alignment
Surface Matching
I.3.3 Picture/Image Generation

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