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Balzani M., Callieri M., Caputo G., Cignoni P., Dellepiane M., Pingi P., Ponchio F., Scopigno R., Tomasi A., Uccelli F. Using multiple scanning technologies for the 3D acquisition of Torcello's basilica. In: International Workshop 3D-ARCH'2005 - 3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of Complex Architectures (Mestre-Venice, Italy, August 22-24 2005).
The paper presents the results of a 3D scanning campaign which sampled both the exterior facades of an ancient Basilica in Torcello (Venice, Italy) and some key elements of its interior. The targets of our scanning project were selected to be representative of different subjects, requiring different digital sampling technologies. We have used a range of scanning devices: a triangulation scanner for medium scale artifacts, a phase-modulation time-of-flight device for larger surfaces (mosaics), and a standard time-of-flight system for the overall architecture. All the data gathered have been integrated and fused in a multiresolution model which can be visualized in real time at full accuracy with an innovative visualization system.
Subject Digital relief
3D scanning
Interactive visualization
I.4.8 Scene Analysis

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