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Baracchini C., Brogi A., Callieri M., Capitani L., Cignoni P., Fasano A., Montani C., Nenci C., Novello R., Pingi P., Ponchio F., Scopigno R. Interactive visualization of artwork's 3D digital reconstruction. In: MIDECH 05 - Multimedia.Information@DEsign for Cultural Heritage (Milano, April, 5 2005).
In this paper we describe the cirtual reconstruction of a dismantled and dispersed piece of art: the Funerary Complex of Arrigo VII. To faithfully reconstruct the monument, all of the statues and elements of the mausoleum have been acquired in digital 3D format; then, with advanced computer graphics techniques, some of the acrredited reconstructing Hypotesis have been assembled and evaluated.
Subject 3D scanning
Virtual reality
Interactive visualization
I.3.7 Three.Dimensional Graphics and Realism

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