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Ablameyko S., Di Bona S., Gurevich I. B., Koryabkina I., Murashov D., Nefyodov A., Salvetti O., Trykova A., Vorobjev I. Towards automated analysis of cytological and histological specimen images. In: International Conference on Advanced Information and Telemedicine (Minsk, Belarus, November 8-10, 2005). Proceedings, vol. I pp. 27 - 31. Sergey Ablameyco, Yevgenii Beloenko, Uladzimir Anishchanka (eds.). 2005.
The investigations are described concerning design of automated systems for hematopoietic tumors diagnostics. The results obtained in this area are presented. NShell software is a task-oriented software, aimed at analysis and classification of lymphoid cell nucleus in the cytological specimen images. The software is based on an instrumental environment for developing, testing, and applying image processing and image analysis algorithms - 'Black Square'. The main contribution of the paper is discussion of opportunities to apply information technology and software developed by the authors for automation of oncological diagnostics based on cytological data for diagnostics based both on cytological and histological data.
Subject image representation
I.4.8 Scene Analysis
I.4.10 Image Representation
I.5.4 Applications

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