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Colantonio S., Di Bono M. G., Salvetti O. Disease evolution prognosis based on multi-source signals and image analysis. In: Advanced Information and Telemedicine Technologies for Health (Minsk, Belarus, November 8-10, 2005). Proceedings, vol. 1 pp. 66 - 69. Sergey Ablameyko, Yevgenii Beloenko, Uladzimir Anishchanka (eds.). 2005.
A methodology to approach the automatic monitoring and prognosis of diseases evolution is proposed. We define a multilevel system architecture capable to process multi-source biomedical data according to a coarse-to-fine paradigm. An application regarding neuro-signals and image categorization is also considered as a case study. The proposed methodology even preliminary has shown to be a possible approach to prognosis activity, mainly if suitably integrated into a hybrid system for medical decision support.
Subject Disease Evolution Monitoring
Disease Evolution Prognosis
Multilevel Architecture
Multi-source Signals and Images
I.5.2 Design Methodology
I.5.1 Models
I.4.8 Scene Analysis
H.3.3 Information Search and Retrieval
C.3 Special-Purpose and Application-Based Systems

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