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Di Pede C., Vivaldi L., Nuvolone D., Borbotti M., Sabatini M., Di Pede F., Baldacci S., Della Maggiore R., Angino A., Viegi G. Respiratory symptoms and diseases in a group of grooms in Pisa. In: ERS Annual Congress (Copenhagen, September 17-21, 2005). Proceedings, vol. 26 supplement 49 p. 599. ERS, 2005.
Background: In Pisa area there is an old tradition of horse racing, and workers, especially grooms, are exposed to inorganic and organic dusts and allergens derived from ground, feeding, horse skin and hair. In literature is described that such exposures induces asthma, allergic symptoms and chronic respiratory symptoms and impairs lung function. Aim: to investigate the prevalence of respiratory symptoms and diseases in a group of grooms in Pisa area. Methods: information on respiratory symptoms and diseases were collected by CNR standardized questionnaire. 242 grooms, 186 males and 56 females (mean age = 37,72 + 12.47; mean years spent as grooms = 15 + 11, 47.1 % smokers, 19.4 % ex smokers, 33.5 % non smokers) were compared with a control group of 242 subjects, 186 males and 56 females, not occupationally exposed to respiratory hazards, derived from a general population survey conducted in Pisa and Po river delta (mean age = 35,90 + 15.65, 30.2 % smokers, 28.9 % ex smokers, 40.9 % non smokers). Statistical analyses were performed through the SPSS 10.0 package. Results : Multiple logistic regression analysis adjusting for gender, smoking, child respiratory trouble, education and occupation as grooms showed that any abitual cough was significantly associated with been groom (odds ratio 2.08 C.I. 1.22- 3.54 ). Also the diagnosis of sinusitis was significantly associated to the job (odds ratio 6.33 C.I. 3.24-12.39). Conclusions: our data suggest a strong association between exposure to equestrian work environment and the diagnosis of sinusitis and also with the prevalence of any abitual cough. A possible causative role of organic and inorganic dust exposure need to be investigated.
URL: http://erj.ersjournals.com
Subject Occupational Health
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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