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Genovesi S., Salerno E., Monorchio A., Manara G. A Permittivity Range Profile Reconstruction Technique for Multilayered Structures by a Line Process-Augmented Genetic Algorithm. In: 2005 IEEE AP-S International Symposium (Washington DC, 3-8 July 2005). Proceedings, Amir I. Zaghloul (ed.). IEEE, 2005.
This paper presents a technique to reconstruct the permittivity range profile of a layered medium using noisy backscattering data. Being an ill-posed problem, inverse scattering normally provides either unstable or oversmoothed results. Our method tries to obtain an accurate reconstruction using a two-step genetic algorithm employing a regularization constraint with an explicit line process and a local deterministic optimization strategy.
Subject Genetic algorithms
Microwave nondestructive evaluation
I.4.5 Reconstruction
J.2 Physical sciences and engineering

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