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Straccia U. Description Logics with Fuzzy Concrete Domains. In: 21st Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI-05) (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, July 26-29, 2005). Proceedings, pp. 559-567. Fahiem Bacchus and Tommi Jaakkola (eds.). AUAI Press, 2005. (Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 26-29 July 2005). Proceedings, pp. 559 - 567. Fahiem Bacchus and Tommi Jaakkola (eds.). AUAI Press, 2005.
We present a fuzzy version of description logics with concrete domains. Main features are: ii{i} concept constructors are based on t-norm, t-conorm, negation and implication; ii{ii} concrete domains are fuzzy sets; ii{iii} fuzzy modifiers are allowed; and ii{iv} the reasoning algorithm is based on a mixture of completion rules and bounded mixed integer programming.
Subject Description logics
Fuzzy logics
I.2.4 Knowledge Representation Formalisms and Methods. Representation

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