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Peretti I., Baldacci S., Della Maggiore R., Martini F., Nuvolone D., Maio S., Stortini A. M., Viegi G. Health effects of exposure to marine aerosol: epidemiological survey on a population sample living in Livorno. In: Blue 2005 Human Behaviour and Limits in Underwater Environment (Pisa, December, 1-4, 2005). Proceedings, vol. unico pp. 131 - 132. 2005.
This study aims to evaluate the relationship between the exposure to marine aerosol and asthma and asthma-like symptoms in a population sample living in the municipality of Livorno (n=1146).By using GIS (Geographical Information System) technology, the study area was divided in 3 zones according to different exposures to marine aerosol. The first zone (high exposure) is within 300m of the coastline; the second zone (medium exposure) is situated between 300 and 1000m from the coastline; the third zone (control) is located between 1000m from the coastline and the municipality borders. The subjects were classified according to the location of household residences respect to the three zones. Statistical analyses were carried out. Results showed a statistically significant association of living near the sea (0-300 metres from coastline) for attacks of asthma in women (OR = 3.75, IC to 95% : 1.34 - 10.48).
URL: http://www.blue2005.ifc.cnr.it/
Subject Marine Aerosol
GIS and Health
K.4.1 Public Policy Issues

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