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Correani F., Mori G., Paternò F. Supporting Flexible Development of Multi-Device Interfaces. In: EHCI-DSVIS'2004 (Hamburg, Germany, 11-13 July 2004). Proceedings, pp. 346 - 362. Rémi Bastide, Philippe, Palanque & Jorg Roth (Eds.) (eds.). (Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3425). Springer Verlag, 2005.
Tools based on the use of multiple abstraction levels have shown to be a useful solution for developing multi-device interfaces. To obtain general solutions in this area it is important to provide flexible environments with multiple entry points and support for redesigning existing interfaces for different platforms. In general, a one-shot approach can be too limiting. This paper shows how it is possible to support a flexible development cycle with entry points at various abstraction levels and the ability to change the underlying design at intermediate stages. It also shows how redesign from desktop to mobile platforms can be obtained. Such features have recently been implemented in a new version of the TERESA tool.
Subject Multi-Device Interfaces
Model-based Design
Semantic Analysis
D.2.2 Design Tools and Techniques

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