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Locuratolo E. Model transformations in designing the ASSO methodology. 1 ed. vol. 1 Patrick van Bommel (ed.). Hershey, PA 17033: Information Science Publishing (Idea Group Inc), 2005.
ASSO, an innovative conceptual methodology which combines features of database design with the formal method B, has been defined in order to ensure the flexibility of semantic data models, the efficiency of object models and the design correctness. Starting from a directed acyclic graph of classes supported by semantic data models, a formal mapping generates classes supported by object models. The classes supported by semantic data models are then extended with aspects of behavioural modelling; a relationship with the B model is established and the consistency proofs of the whole schema are reduced to small obligations of B. The Chapter evidences how ASSO is based on model transformations. These have been introduced with different purposes: to map semantic data models to object models, to integrate static and dynamic modelling, to link formal and informal notations and to relate the conceptual schema and the logical schema of the methodology.
URL: http://www.igi-pub.com/books/details.asp?id=4498
Subject Database design
Transformations (Mathematics)
H.1 Models and Principles
H.2 Database Management

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